Dina Waxman started making films in high school, but like all great rebel teens, she dropped out of NYU film school to pursue a career as a video store clerk. This led to an epic adventure in the mysterious, death-defying jungle known as Script Supervising, a job which Dina performed for such directors as David Fincher, Michael Mann, Spike Jonze, David Wain, John Frankenheimer, and Wong Kar Wai, among countless others.

Dina also picked up the bass guitar, wrote a bunch of songs, formed a band called Space Mtn, made a highly acclaimed record and toured the world.

After ten feature films, two TV series’, and literally hundreds of commercials as script supervisor, Dina made her way to writing and directing full time.

Her recent endeavors include several short films, music videos and branded films, as well as the continuing development of multiple film and television projects.

Justin Timberlake would occasionally bust a dance move and leave everyone speechless.

Explaining cat fancying to Dennis Christopher and Mary-Bonner Baker.

Monitoring Brad Pitt's ass cleavage continuity was NOT EASY.

On the set of Fight Club, the director's chairs had cup holders.

Clive Owen enjoys working with elfin creatures, clearly.

Forest Whitaker explains backlight. God listens and obeys.

Guy Ritchie directing his then-wife "Mrs. Ritchie."

James Morrison is also a brilliant yoga teacher.

Demonstrated here: Paul Rudd communicates best using the "Connected Cranium Method."

Johnny Depp communicates best using the "I'm so amazing you can't even concentrate" method.

William Maier can wear a short tie like nobody's beeswax.

Wong Kar-Wai wears opaque sunglasses at all times. He's so good he doesn't need to see.

Mitch Rouse, in the series herein known as, "Second-hand Smoke."