Nowadays we take a zillion photos of everything and everybody and then add them to the endlessly scrolling stream of images in our phones and computers...

My aim here is to create a special moment in time and capture it in a way that is lasting, memorable and unique. An image worth framing and hanging, that we actually frame and hang!

How it works: I come to your home, we find a setting, and I do a bit of art directing. Then I help style you, using the clothes from your closet that make you feel best and most comfortable. (Messy closets are fine!) After that, you get dressed and maybe have a glass of wine or a cup of tea, while I set up the camera and do a bit of lighting (with lights I bring). And then we shoot!

It doesn't have to be posed, and you don't have to look at the camera. I'm a person who feels uncomfortable when a camera is pointed at me, and this style of doing things is in direct reaction to that. If you want to look at the camera and pose, fabulous! If not, we play around with ideas until you're comfortable and happy, and I capture that! The main thing is it's a chill, fun hangout. No pressure.

And... this is key - I use my years of visual effects film training and shoot it like a "lockoff." I do a bunch of takes and then, afterwards, I find the best moment of each person (or animal!) and composite those into one shot. So small children and animals can be shot separately, if they need special attention (or a very short window of time) to get a good moment!

Please feel free to email with any questions, and also to discuss pricing and arrangements!

dina (at) dinawaxman (dot) com 


P.S. Bands are also families. I like to shoot those, too. :)